Setting up for our recent London wedding, does not come more physically challenging. Nursing a pulled tendon in right shoulder I decided ignore the R&R recommended by the physio by lugging a few tons of band equipment down 2 flights of steps, through the goods entrance (aka tradesman’s), via 2 kitchens with umpteen doors, up one of those 1896-style goods lifts with 2 huge metal doors that need to be closed exactly right otherwise lift doesn’t work; out through another kitchen and finally into the glorious venue room, overlooking Chelsea Embankment. And all in 35 degrees centigrade. Way more sweat than the proverbial cochon.

A lovely intimate wedding for Terry and Tanya, the guests packed a throbbing dancefloor as The Lash Monkeys played through the tunes of soft rock, (Bowie, Stones, Peter Gabriel), funky and soulful ( Marvin Gaye, Lionel Ritchie, Chic, Stevie Wonder).

After a 2 hour 20 minute non-stop set, it was time for some DJing from yours truly, keeping the floor busy for another 90 minutes.

The following day, after a triumphant gig from which the bride and groom had happily retired to their quarters, I was twitching at the mere thought that the labouring had to be reversed.

Only this time, with the benefit of inside knowledge, I had discovered a short cut. Not being totally certain of hotel management approval, I nevertheless heaved the equipment back down 2 floors, but this time, via a guest lift and out of a separate guest entrance. For this to work though I had to get past security on the door. Deciding on charm as the best policy, after we introduced ourselves, I asked whether “that was a Cape Town accent”.

“Nah, Rhodesia mate”.

“Ah”, I laughed, “glad to see you’re taking no notice of the name change that occurred 36 years ago then!”

After that we were good mates. He even put a ramp down so I could wheel stuff easier to the van.

Next public gig at The Rocket, Acton, West London if you fancy popping along.