The Covered


We Understand That Booking Musicians can Sometimes be a Complicated Process.

Let's Help You Better Understand

The Covered have been asked many questions over the years about what space is required, how far we’ll travel etc., so let’s go over some frequently asked questions.

We commonly require about 5 x 3 meters, but we can fit into smaller spaces so this is something we can chat about.

We normally need around 2 hours to set up and sound check. Its best if guests could be in a different room while we do this, but we understand this is not always possible.


We usually play 2 sets of 60 minutes each with a short break in between. We can play Spotify playlists when we are not on stage, eg background music whilst guests eat and more lively stuff for those who have the energy when we have finished. But we recommend a DJ if you’d like to keep the party going!

We are more than happy for you to request a couple of songs which, if we don’t already know them, we will learn. You may also suggest some songs from our repertoire which we can discuss.

We are based in London and the south east, but we do travel UK wide and internationally.

Sure! Due to the fact that the events we perform at tend to be private events, we don’t play many public gigs but sometimes we do play at festivals and we can notify you if this is the case.

Yes, of course-we’d just need a few weeks’ notice.

You can book us through the enquiry form on this website, by calling 07818 061 585, or emailing

We have compiled Spotify playlists to play during our break, but strongly recommend a DJ after we finish to keep the party going!

Of course! You are welcome to use our PA system for your speeches.

Yes, we have a LED lighting system that provides both the stage and dance floor with the ultimate visual effects.

2 hour set as standard with a short break in between.  We can also play 3 sets of 40 mins if you prefer.

We, as a rule, begin at around 8.30/9pm, and play for around 2 hours but this is flexible and will be agreed with you prior.

Assuming access to the venue is straight forward (i.e. ground floor room with no steps and vehicle access close to the venue), we will normally be set up in 2 hours approx.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept provisional bookings as it would mean turning clients away on popular dates. Direct bookings require a 30% deposit.

We love it when people get up to sing a song with us, but we do like to make sure that those singing or playing with us have some experience of being on stage. We’re happy to arrange this with you in advance. However, past experience has taught us that welcoming impromptu guests onto the stage on the night itself, can often end in disaster so we’d rather steer clear of that situation!

Normally mid blue suits. Sometimes we’ve been asked to join in with a theme.

We always carry an up to date PAT certification and have Public Liability Insurance cover for up to £1m.

The Covered is a multi-award winning, sought after band, with scores of 5 star reviews, well known for keeping the guests on the dance floor with a mixture of classics and modern hits. You will always benefit from and receive the personal attention of the band leader throughout.

Prices vary based on the time of year, the location of your event, timings, and any upgrade options, but our standard price (for 4 piece) starts at £1200 plus travel. For the award winning 6 piece, it starts at £1500 plus travel and for the 8 piece (inc brass) £2,000 plus travel. There is no VAT.

We request a room in which to change, and something to eat and drink for the duration of our time at the venue.

We play all types and sizes.

We always make sure that our volume levels are such that people at your event can still converse, but really feel as though they are at a gig when they’re on the dance floor. Being a guitar based rock and pop function band, the nature of the music we play means that we can only turn down so far! If your chosen venue has a decibel limiter, please discuss this with us or your agent at the time of your enquiry to ensure the performance you will receive from us will not be compromised.

We have our own in house sound engineer who will help maintain the sound levels to maximise guests’ enjoyment.

We usually request 2 double 13 amp supplies near to the stage area. We use LED lighting which keeps our power consumption down, but we prefer to run lights from one power source and audio equipment from another to reduce the risk of noise interference.

As a rule, we draw approximately 16 amps with everything on and have only ever experienced any issues in events in marquees where the generator capacity has been too low.